16 Men Being Honest & Transparent About Their Emotions

Men are often stigmatized for being emotional. If a man cries, he is deemed less-of-a-man and “weak.” The pressures of society are so unbearably sad and daunting, but the sad reality is – most people go through life without speaking a word of how they felt.

A user on Reddit posted a question on the AskMen subreddit, it said:

What was the worst reaction to letting down your emotional shield?

Within mere seconds, many men shared their own stories of how they opened up to someone, and it backfired on them. Here are sixteen of the most emotional replies:

1. Being Told You’re Worthless

by Reddit user IFinallyDidItMom

2. Not My Safe Haven?

by Reddit user Wooshmeister55

3. Sixteen Years Later…

by Reddit user Riganthor

4. When Flowers Don’t Matter

by Reddit user Rook33

5. No Shoulder to Cry On

by Reddit user blacksmy

6. Drifting Apart

by Reddit user mickeymau5music

7. Don’t be Taken Advantage of

by Reddit user Aidoooh

8. Staying Silent Seems Better

by Reddit user MunnaJazbaati

9. Too Sensitive

by Reddit user DaveWebb96

10. Man Up

by Reddit user Agent_Beard

11. Only She Understands

by Reddit user thehumanscott

12. Act Normal

by Reddit user BraveUnion

13. Not The Same

by Reddit user elizavetaaas

14. They Lied

by Reddit user AngelStickman

15. Being Laughed At

by Reddit user DoesNotCare

16. Stop Whining

by Reddit user ares395

17. Got cheated.

Reading through those comments was so heartbreaking. The raw emotion and pain in those words are genuine. It is a stark reminder of how all of us are suffering together. Regardless of who we are, where we’re from, how young or old, we all suffer. And if you see someone suffering, please be there for them – it’s the least we can do for each other. Be kind, be honest, and be supportive. If these past years have taught us anything – it’s to love one another regardless. Cherish whoever you have around you, and make sure they know they’re cherished, too.

Source: Reddit


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