Active Shooter barricaded in hotel as multiple people reportedly injured in Detroit, Michigan

An active shooter has been firing a gun outside a hotel and the public have been warned to stay clear of the area.

Several shots have been reported from Downtown Dearborn in Detroit, Michigan, US, with one victim suspected to have been killed and several more wounded.

The gunman has reportedly barricaded themselves in a in third floor room, armed with a long gun.

Dearborn police say the scene is contained at the town’s Hampton Inn and at 2.13pm (7.13pm GMT) shots were still being fired in an extremely dangerous situation.

Police vehicles
Police vehicles are in attendance at the scene

Michigan State Police tweeted: “There are still shots being fired by the suspect. Troopers and officers are working on clearing the entire area around the hotel. Please stay away from the area as this is an active situation and extremely dangerous to the public.”

A Twitter user commented on the situation: “Currently in lockdown due to an active shooter at the hotel directly in front of my house.”

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