All you need to know about Nathalie Yamb and Rawlings

All you need to know about Nathalie Yamb and Rawlings

Following the death of the late Jerry John Rawlings, a lot of his loved ones took to social media to express their condolences.

Videos popped up with people who didn’t know him personally, emphasizing how he had been a father figure to them.

One person got the most attention, Nathalie Yamb. Her tribute to the late Rawlings on Instagram had conversations going on everywhere.

Her posts raised questions no one had answers to.

The essence of this article is to hopefully answer all your questions about Nathalie Yamb and the late President Jerry John Rawlings.

Nathalie is a 52-year-old Swiss Cameroonian. If there’s anything she had in common with John, it was their love for politics.

In 1992, Yamb graduated in Journalism and political sciences and secured a television job in Germany. She later relocated to Cameroon for an advertising job and then moved to Nigeria for another job offer.

Nathalie also worked for Mtn as a Human Resource Executive.

She also headed the Talent and Learning functions in Benin, Congo, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea Conakry, and her home Cameroon.

Later in 2015, she set up her own company to coach talents and teach leadership skills executively.

Nathalie also co-authored Prospective Migration Policy – Scenario Building on Relations between Europe and West Africa.

She then joined the LIDER party leadership as an executive advisor writing countless articles on African independence and renaissance.

Generally, she’s had over 20 years of experience in Human Resource and Communications in Europe and Asia.

With such zeal, it is hardly surprising that John would find her attractive. It seems that the public didn’t know about these two until John’s death. Although we can’t say the same for his family.

Nathalie Yam took to her Instagram page to express how she couldn’t imagine life without her Jeremiah. The words were accompanied by a few pictures which had a young boy among them.

Immediately, everyone guessed the boy was John’s since he was the replica of the man.

This generated huge turmoil on social media since everyone forgot the painful loss for a moment to focus on the burning rumour.

Later, Nathalie would post a video of John and herself at a program captioning it “Mentor. Friend. Inspiration. My twin. The most transformative leader Africa ever had. We are going to ensure your legacy lives forever. .”

If you didn’t know this, get it now that Nathalie later had this write-up that instigated that she had only been with John for 11 years. It was then that it was decided that her son may not be John’s.

Nathalie Yamb has a 21-year-old son named Malik Stephanie whom everyone thought was Jerry’s.

They compared their facial attributes and decided John was the father. Knowing they relate in no way means people out of grieve wanted to put things together.

Yes, Nathalie Yam was in Ghana to pay her last respects to her “soulmate” as she affectionately called him. She made known her thanks to the state and family for giving the Late Jerry John Rawlings the send-off he deserved.

Her last words were ” If we want to teach African children about leadership, then we only need to show them the picture and tell them the story of Jeremiah John Rawlings.”


 Jerry Joh Rawlings was a passionate African leader with strong ethics and values. As such, it was to utmost awe that most people heard of the news of his involvement with Natalie after his death.

 As is the case, the social media court didn’t fail at passing judgement without hardcore evidence.

 We hope that this article clarifies issues for you and gives you more insights into whom Nathalie Yam is.

Kindly share with your friends and relatives. And please, do share your comments with us below.


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