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Any woman who is not financially independent has no business in marriage-PR practitioner Linda Andoh says (Video)

A public relations practitioner Linda Andoh has advised women not to enter into marriage with the mindset of solely depending on their husbands.

According to Linda Andoh,it is the best practice for any woman to be financially independent before entering into marriage.

“There are people who think it’s the duty of the man to take care of them,but every woman needs to have her own source of income before going into marriage” She disclosed during discussions on Joy FM’s ‘Strong and Sassy’ show monitored by

Linda Andoh further opined that any woman who isn’t financially independent or is unable to cater for her personal needs is not ready for marriage.

“I personally have a problem with women who think it’s the responsibility of the man to take care of me. Yes, it’s the man’s responsibility, but in the case where the man is not able to take care of you, what happens to you?” she quizzed.

“He can be the richest man, but when he’s not there what happens to you?”

She gave an instance where a friend suffered dire consequences because she did not financially secure herself in marriage.

“I know someone who got married, she was working and then they wanted to have kids, but it was becoming challenging, so she had to sacrifice the job because it was having a toll on her physically, and this was what the doctors had advised.

“So she stops working, eventually gets pregnant, the first baby comes, the second baby comes. She wanted to go back to work after her second child, but that wasn’t working because it wasn’t easy getting a job and her husband who was an entrepreneur was involved in an accident.

“Now, this is his own job and it’s not like he worked in a corporate world where there are policies that would be triggered in such instance. He’s someone who runs his own business and he can’t do that anymore and the family is solely dependent on him. So when it happens that way, what do you do?”

Thus, stressing the need for one not to venture into marriage without being able to cater for their needs.

“You should be able to take care of yourself as a woman, if you can’t, you have no business with marriage. You shouldn’t go into marriage without being able to cater for yourself,” she said.

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