‘Baby Karen’ tries to tell Black woman where to sit at the park in viral TikTok

A woman’s TikTok showing a small, apparently white child attempting to tell a Black woman where to sit at a public park has garnered 1.1 million views on the platform, where commenters are criticizing the child’s behavior and lack of intervention from her mother.

In the video posted by @the_real_her21, a young girl can be heard attempting to get her to sit somewhere else, claiming that the picnic table at a public park was hers. The child insists that the woman can’t sit at the table, that she was sitting there first. However, the table was empty except for a bag with some bottled waters in it when she sat down, and was unreserved, she said.


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“I don’t have to sit nowhere else, I’ll sit right here thank you,” the adult woman tells the child insisting that she move.

“There’s still more tables over there, you can only sit over there,” the child responds.

It is unclear how old this child is, but @the_real_her21 states in follow-up videos that she had been antagonizing another mother at the park before coming to convince her to give up the table, shaking a keychain in her face and then asking, “Why you looking at it?”

The child’s mother, she said in one of these follow-up videos, was sitting at another table nearby with another child and did not make any moves to correct her child or otherwise intervene.

Some commenters could not believe that a child would speak this boldly to an adult, and that her mother would do nothing.

“Where is her mother while she is having a whole conversation with a stranger,” one commenter wrote.

“Clearly she’s heard her mom talk like that to other people,” another commenter wrote. “Apple don’t fall far from the tree. That’s just sad.”

“I could not imagine having the audacity to speak to an adult that way when I was a child, much less a stranger haha,” a commenter wrote.

Others found it odd that she would record her exchange with the child.

“Recording her and sitting next to her who is the adult should’ve did better leave the baby alone,” one commenter wrote.

“I mean she said she was sitting there first,” another commenter wrote. “Maybe she doesn’t want to sit with a grown women she doesn’t know?”

@the_real_her21 has stated that she has a video of the mother as well, but has not posted it because she is inexperienced with blurring faces. She previously received some criticism for not heavily blurring out the child’s face in her first video.


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