Beautiful Woman claims she suffers with disorder that caused her to cheat on 3 boyfriends

A model has revealed that she has a condition that caused her to cheat on several of her boyfriends.

Kanika Batra who is from Sydney, Australia suffers from narcissistic personality disorder(meaning she is unable to internally validate herself and constantly relies on affirmation from other people).

The disorder also causes her to fall into a ‘very very dark’ place when she doesn’t get it.

The 26-year-old woman revealed that she gets the feelings of self-worth when she receive compliments from others.

“When I get positive comments it’s wonderful and I do feel them but they don’t tend to stay with me.They are very fleeting.

“However,if I do start getting insults,those do really hurt more than I could possibly explain” Kanika Batra told SBS Insight.

“I have irrational reactions sometimes when I feel the narcissistic supply draining-I’m so used to external validation that I don’t know how to produce internal validation”

The Miss World Australia finalist has also been diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder (ASPD), which means she lacks empathy and guilt, and can

This, she says, has wrecked previous relationships, with her cheating on several partners.

Kanika said: “I just didn’t have that sort of regard for that person because it didn’t make me feel bad to see somebody else.

“It didn’t make me feel guilty. I didn’t get home and then like, not sleep at night because I had betrayed somebody. It’s easy for us to switch that part off [and] compartmentalise.”

Credit: Instagram/@kanikabatra
Credit: Instagram/@kanikabatra

But after seeing a psychiatrist, Kanika, who is engaged to her partner, Sam, says she has been able to unlearn this behaviour and has had positive relationships since.

She added: “The main difference is that now I do respect my partner.

“I do understand that his needs need to be met as well as my own.”

Kanika, who says she learnt charm and charisma by mirroring others, added that she and others who have ASPD are prone to ‘love bombing’ during the early stages of a relationship.

This is an attempt to influence her partner and manipulate their feelings towards her.

“We don’t really know how to control ourselves in that sort of way so all we do is we message you to find out everything about you, and we want to see you all the time – that’s just how we kind of get to feel what this relationship will be.”


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