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Breonna Taylor’s mom Tamika Palmer reveals she had to wait over 10 hours to find out about her daughter’s death in latest ‘Red Table Talk’ episode

Wednesday brought on the highly-anticipated “Red Table Talk” episode where hosts Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow and Adrienne Banfield Norris were joined by Breonna Taylor’s family to uncover the events that transpired in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13, 2020.

As most will recall, Breonna and her boyfriend, Kenny Walker, were inside her apartment when cops charged through her door at around midnight on a no-knock warrant, in search of a suspected drug dealer.

Kenny, who was under the impression an intruder had gotten inside the property, fired one shot, prompting police to retaliate by shooting back 20 rounds and subsequently killing Breonna.

Now, her mom Tamika, aunt Nu’Niyah and Kenny are speaking out, with Tamika recalling how she waited over 10 hours before she was even told that her daughter had died. “This officer tells me that two ambulances went through there and that I needed to go to the hospital, and so I do,” she recounted.

After showing up at the hospital, Tamika said there was no record of Breonna ever being taken to the hospital. She returned to the apartment complex, only to find cops “laughing and joking around” as she requested answers for her daughter’s whereabouts. “It wasn’t until about 11:30 a.m., and mind you we had been out there since 1 a.m. I’m pissed, like I’m screaming at him, like, ‘why won’t you tell me where Breonna is? I need to know where Breonna is.”

The cop responded by telling her Breonna, as far as he was aware, was still inside her apartment, which signaled in Tamika’s mind that her daughter was dead. “I…I knew what that meant,” she added. “To leave there, and still not know what happened was insane. The detective gave me a card to call, and I immediately started calling because I couldn’t understand how I was there for over 12 hours and never knew.”

As we previously reported, four ex-Louisville police officers were charged with neglecting Taylor’s civil rights — their names are Brett Hankinson, Kelly Goodlett, Kyle Meany, and Joshua Jaynes. Joshua and Kyle are also accused of being responsible for approving a false search warrant, which ultimately led to Taylor’s death.

Kelly is alleged to have planned the fake search warrant with Joshua before it was approved, while Brett was further charged for firing his weapon into the victim’s window.



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