Can I Play Blackjack Games With My Friends At Online Casinos?

Blackjack is entertaining even when playing by yourself. You can visit a land-based or online casino and quickly jump into some blackjack action.

However, this game is much more exciting when playing with friends. You can cheer together when the dealer busts out and jeer when they get 21. 

Unfortunately, you might not always be able to get together with your buddies and play blackjack. This is especially true if your friend group lives far apart – discover more today.

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With that said, can you play online blackjack with friends? Yes, you can! The following guide discusses linking up with your buddies and enjoying this game online.

Two Ways to Play Online Blackjack With Friends

For years, online blackjack was a solo affair. You logged onto an online casino and played hands against a cyber dealer. This software-generated version is still highly popular today. However, it provides no opportunity to play the game with buddies. 

Luckily, two ways do exist to enjoy mobile blackjack with friends. Live dealer and social casinos offer a unique opportunity to play blackjack hands with others.

As you’ll see throughout this guide, live and social gaming sites have their differences from each other.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live blackjack is the perfect alternative to the land-based version. It takes place in a studio and features a real dealer. 

You can interact with the dealer through a chat function. You’ll also enjoy the sights and sounds of the casino studio while playing. 

Live dealer blackjack is the closest you’ll get to sitting with friends at a table without going to a land-based establishment. You can all sit at the same table and chat up the dealer.

Where Can You Play?

You can enjoy live blackjack at any casino with a live dealer studio. Fortunately, more and more mobile casinos are adding this game. 

You must navigate to the appropriate section when finding an online casino with live dealer gaming. 

Typically, this step involves selecting the “Games” option and browsing everything the casino offers. You should find the live blackjack section in a few minutes or less.

Joining a Table

You won’t have any difficulty joining a live blackjack table by yourself. But how do you do so with a group of friends? 

You start by visiting a casino’s live blackjack section and browsing the tables. The goal is to find a table with as many empty seats as possible—or at least enough to accommodate your group. 

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Keep the stakes in mind that your buddies will want to play. You should opt for a low-stakes table if they’re recreational players.

The next step involves letting everybody know which table you’re on. Your friends can then go through the same process and find your table.

Look for a Free Bet

Before playing blackjack, you and your buddies should look for bonus opportunities. Many online casinos offer bonuses, including promotions specific to live dealer blackjack. 

Regarding the latter, you may be able to get a free bet. A free wager allows you to place one bet without risking anything. 

You can also qualify for traditional deposit bonuses. Some online casinos include blackjack in their bonus offers. 

Social gaming doesn’t technically offer real money gambling. Instead, social casinos start you off with free chips for use on blackjack, slots, or any other available games. 

You receive free chips upon signing up. Assuming you run out of these no-deposit funds, you’ll need to purchase more chips. 

Herein lies the true cost behind social casinos. They’re not necessarily free if you want to keep playing beyond the no deposit bonus.

However, you can exchange your “free” chips for prizes that have a monetary value. This being said, you could win valuable prizes roundaboutly through social gaming.

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Where Can You Find Social Casinos?

Facebook is the best place to begin searching for social blackjack sites. It offers social casinos like Zynga and others and a wide network of players. 

Of course, you can also find plenty of other social gaming sites. These casinos allow you to connect with friends on social networks and play games together.

How Do You Get Started?

After finding a social casino, you can start inviting your friends. Most gaming sites make this process easy.

 Your social media friends will likely appreciate that they don’t have to spend anything to get started. Instead, they can just hop on your table and begin trying to beat the dealer.


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