Can prayers change a cheating man? – Weary desperate woman cries for help after her chronic cheating husband refused to change after fasting and prayers

A desperate married woman whose husband is a chronic cheat is seeking ‘urgent’ advice.

According to the woman, she wants to know if prayers can change a cheating man because she has fasted and prayed but her husband still cheats on her.

She took to Facebook group “tell it moms” to ask if anyone has a testimony that can encourage her because she is growing weary and desperate.

She wrote,



“Dear Yummy Shaida, please hide my identity. Please I need to know if prayers can change a man who constantly cheats??? I just need one testimony to encourage me. I am growing weary. I have prayed and fasted but he still at it. Yummies I am desperate. Please help me”.

Below is the screenshot,


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