Devilish Business Tycoon exchanged Moesha Boduong’s soul after sleeping with her-Friend alleges

Devilish Business Tycoon exchanged Moesha Boduong's soul after sleeping with her-Friend alleges

A close friend of actress and video vixen Moesha Boduong,Adu Safowaah has dropped secret surrounding the actress’ sudden repentance.

According to Adu Safowaah, Moesha Boduong had an ‘encounter’ with a business tycoon who exchanged her soul for death after sleeping with her.

She further alleged that unknown to Moesha Boduong the business tycoon she slept with was not a human.

Adu Safowaah revealed that after Moesha Boduong slept with the business tycoon,she has been behaving abnormally hence a decision to turn to the church.

She called on friends,family and loved ones to pay attentive to her in this trying times in her life as she needs it the most.

Adu Safowaah shared a photo of Moesha Boduong and wrote:

“She came across a Business tycoon that not human and had something to do with him…. ( kindly note that, No blame game here cux We all ain’t virgins and ve our dirty skeletons).
The Man exchanged her soul with Death but #JESUS and #mercy said NO. People close to MOESHA should be attentive, monitor her movement, stay close pls …. I prayed for her this dawn and I will do always.
All should remember her in prayers. It deeper. DEAR GOD, pls help us ALL.

#SharetoReachthem. #life”

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