“Don’t marry a man that caught you cheating on him when you were dating”-Man says

A man identified on Twitter as @jon_d_doe has dished out a piece of advice to women on the man they agree to spend their lives with.

According to the Twitter influencer,a woman should never marry a man who caught her cheating on him when they were courting.

He added that men hardly forgive a cheating woman and they will claim they have forgiven you but deep within them they haven’t.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Don’t marry a man that caught¬† you cheating on him when you guys were dating.

Even if he claims to have forgiven you,don’t!.Count your loses & move on.

If you marry him,he will taunt you with it & play god on you.

Men hardly ever forgive cheating women. Don’t be too desperate”


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“Men hardly forgive cheating women”-Man says