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Goalscorer betting system explained

Goalscorer betting system explained

Goalscorer wagers are easy to understand. Punters are required to predict the players that will score in a game. Punters can predict the last goalscorer, the first goalscorer, the anytime goalscorer, the player to net a brace, and more. This article covers basic first goalscorer tips.

If you predict a player will net the first or last goal in a football match and the player ends up doing so, then you win the bet. Otherwise, you lose the bet.

However, first, there are a few rules tied to the goalscorer betting system regarding cases where situations like the player not starting the match happen. Let’s take a look at the most common scenarios, but before you can make yourself acquainted with anytime goalscorer predictions!

The player is omitted on the team sheet (H2)

If the player you bet on doesn’t make the team sheet due to some unforeseen circumstances, your bet is null and void. This means the bet doesn’t count and your stake is refunded. 

The player isn’t in the starting XI (H2)

If the player you bet on doesn’t start the match, do not worry. Depending on your goalscorer selection, a few situations could result. If you bet on anytime goalscorer predictions, the bet counts if the player later features in the game regardless of the scoreline. Otherwise, it is null and your stake is refunded.

For the first goalscorer bet, the bet counts if the player is subbed on before the first goal in the game. If the player is subbed on after a goal or more has been scored in the game, your bet is null and your stake is refunded.

When it comes to other selections like the halftime/second half/hat trick/ last goal scorer, your bet also counts if the player is subbed on while your selected timeline is achievable. For instance, the first goalscorer bet does not count if the player is subbed on after the first half because the player clearly couldn’t have scored in a half he/she didn’t participate in.

Own Goals (H2)

Own goals are not valid when it comes to goalscorer bets. For instance, if you select the first goal scorer bet and the first goal in the game is an own goal, your bet still runs as your own goals from the opposing team or your team doesn’t count.

Match Termination (H2)

In extremely rare cases, matches may be abandoned halfway through the game. This could be because of the weather or any other unforeseen circumstance. In cases like this, the first goalscorer bet, anytime goalscorer, brace, or hat trick bets still hold since the players have had a chance to make their mark in the game.

The last goalscorer bet however doesn’t hold since the game didn’t end in the expected time.

Goalless draw (H2)

If your player features at any time in the game, you lose your bet since the player could have scored in such a game. Otherwise, your bet is void and your stake is refunded.

Points to consider when doing Goalscorer strategy (H2)

Always consider statistics (H3)

While there might be unlikely goalscorers sometimes, games follow the usual trend more often than never. Always check the players with the best xG in the team, and how each player positions for goals. The biggest attacking threat in games is more likely to score games.

Consider Free kick and Penalty Takers (H3)

In games with a high chance of a foul in the opposition box or near box 18, the designated set piece takers are more likely to score. This means if you think there will be a penalty or free kick around the edge of the box, the taker for that team is more likely to whip it in the net. 

A good instance is that of Southampton’s James Ward Prowse. He is the primary penalty and free kick taker for Southampton. Most importantly, he is a very good taker and has scored very nice goals from the spot and free kicks in the past.

Follow team news (H3)

It is important to follow the team news as there is information about the availability of players. Managers also tend to give hints about which players will feature in the starting XI and the ones that will start from the bench. This is important information, especially when playing goalscorer bets.

Advantages and disadvantages of Goalscorer betting system (H2)

All bets have their pros and cons. The major advantage is that it is easy to understand and play. You can easily go with a player that scores more often for a team.

The major disadvantage of the goalscorer betting system is there is no guarantee your selected player features at a favorable time in the fixture. Even when they are starters, managers tend to rotate players during busy schedules hence there’s no way to ascertain your selected player features in the game. 

Top questions regarding Goalscorer betting system (H2)

Does extra time count? (H3)

No, goalscorer bets are only valid for regular time(end of the second half).

What happens if the player gets injured during the match and is subbed off? (H3)

As long as the player features in the match, the bet counts. So if the player doesn’t fulfill your bet before he gets injured, you lose the bet.

What if the game is suspended after the player scores? (H3)

Most bookmakers often carry the bets of suspended games to the new schedule.

Do own goals count? (H3)

It is a rule in the goalscorer betting market that own goals do not count.

What are the sports that involve Goalscorer bets? (H3)

The goalscorer bet is peculiar to most popular sports that involve goals. This includes soccer, hockey, and baseball.

Where to find the best odds for Goalscorer wagers? (H3)

Top bookmakers are reputable for always providing punters with competitive odds in the market. You will find the best odds on top betting sites. I advise comparing the odds offered in the betting markets of each bookmaker to other alternatives. This will help you in choosing the best odds.

How to minimize risks when using the Goalscorer system? (H3)

  • The form of players is important in the goalscorer system. Keep close tabs on players with the best forms in the league.
  • When uncertain, always back attacking players more often. They have a better chance of scoring.
  • Avoid going all in into the market. You could end up losing a lot.
  • Don’t be greedy, accumulated winnings go a long way in the betting market.
  • While your guess game may hit in the goalscorer market, sticking to a strategy is the preferred option.


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