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Heartwarming video shows the moment homeless man was transformed by free haircut that makes him look 10 years younger

A homeless man was completely transformed after receiving a free haircut – leaving viewers astonished.

Barber Joshua Santiago, who runs a mobile barbershop in the US, met the rough sleeper while travelling across the country to provide free makeovers for the homeless.

In a viral video seen over 6 million times, Joshua gave a haircut according to what the man asked for.

The man sat on the side of the street with his unruly beard covering half of his face and his matted hair growing out of portion.

Joshua used a clipper to shave all the hair off, which revealed a tattoo above his ear writing “I will gladly feast on those who try to subdue me”.

He also shaved his eyebrow hair – then moved on to give him a clean shave.

“Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos and sometimes the most judgmental people you meet go to church on Sundays,” Joshua wrote.

People were touched by Joshua’s work and many said the man’s new look “took 10 years off him”.

“You took off over a decade from this man!” one wrote and a second added: “Haircuts can really change a man’s future.”

A third penned: “Whoa! He looks like a completely different person, it’s cool that you helped him.”

Joshua explained in another video why he shaved the man’s hair and eyebrows.

He said: “I gave this man exactly what he asked for and due to him being homeless for quite some time, he didn’t have the chance to really keep up with his appearance.

“He spoke about why he keeps his head bald because he wants his tattoos exposed. The same goes to his eyebrows.”

Joshua said he won’t stop helping people by offering them free haircuts.


Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts ♥️ #homeless #fyp #confidence #helpingothers #love

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