I’m addicted to s.ex, p0rn and masturbation, I can’t stay away from them for a day – 23 year old man seeks help

A 23-year-old man who is addicted to s.ex, porn and masturbation has taken to popular Facebook group ‘Abena Manokekame’ to seek advice and help from its readers.

According to him, he is a primary school teacher and is very addicted to sex.

He revealed that he is always thinking about s.ex which makes him watch porn and masturbates every day.

He further stated that he has tried almost everything that will help him stop but to no avail.

Read his post below:


Hello Aunty Abena pleased post for me.

I am 23 years old , living in Accra , a primary school teacher .

I have a major problem and I need help .I believe members on this page can help me out .

I am very addicted to sex and so I am almost always thinking about it .

I watch porn and  masturbate almost everyday . I really enjoy real sex though and I tend to pull away from porn and masturbation once I have a girlfriend or a sexual partner .

It’s been long since I had sex and so I am always masturbating .

The help I need is as to how to break free from porn and masturbation . I know it is normal to love sex .

Please help me with any possible means .

I have read and practiced diverse ways to help quit masturbation from books and the internet , I’ve done the Bible reading plan thing and exercise and trying not to be alone and other means but still I do it .

I’m just almost always thinking about sex .

I wanna be free from porn and masturbation .

Kindly help me out .

I will be reading comments .

Keep me Anonymous please .

Thank you .”


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