I’m afraid if another woman comes into my life, my wife will leave me – Man writes as he says seeing his dead wife makes him happy

A man has taken to Facebook to narrate how he lost both his parents and his wife which made him to almost kill him self.

According to him, he wanted to throw himself into the grave when his wife was been buried but he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulders and it was his wife telling him not to do it.

He said, he has been seeing his wife in his dreams and at the roadside smiling at him always since she died and that is  why he doesn’t want to marry again because he is afraid his wife will not come to him again.

He further stated that, seeing his wife’s ghost everyday makes him happy.

Read his post:


Abena 2008 was the worst year for me. I lost my mum and dad on the same day through an accident. On her way to the mortuary, 2 days to their burial, my wife was hit by a hit and run car. She died before I got to the hospital

I was like a mad man. No one could hold me or console me because I blamed myself for her death. I was at the office when she called to ask if I had gone to the mortuary to make some payments
I wasn’t all that busy but going to the mortuary was very hard for me and I told her I had a meeting

When she offered to go, I gladly told her to go and let me know the outcome. That was the last time I spoke to her. Because of the accident, we buried all of them on the same day and during the burial I wanted to be buried with her.
I was drunk and didn’t care. I only wanted to join her because I was all alone. I’m an only child and I had no father, no mother or wife because of car accident

I was standing at the graveside and I was preparing to throw myself on the coffin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and it was her. Abena, she looked so beautiful and like she was at peace, smiling at me. And she told me not to do what I was thinking because she wasn’t in the coffin. She told me to not cry because she was okay and didn’t want to worry about me. She made me promise to remember the good times and remember she will always love me. Then I didn’t see her anymore.

The alcohol just vanished from my eyes and I went home to sleep. I started having dreams about her and she’ll always tell me to calm down because she’s happy where she is. I keep seeing her either in my dreams or I’ll be going somewhere and I’ll see her standing and smiling at me.

My family don’t understand why I never married again. It’s because I’m afraid if another woman comes into my life, my wife will leave me. I don’t want that. Seeing her makes me happy, she’s my soul mate


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