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Isabell McGuire: Hot Electrician gets marriage proposals after posing in dusty work trousers

A hot electrician identified as Isabell McGuire has received a barrage of marriage proposals after she modelled her dusty work trousers.

The gorgeous electrician has garnered quite a fanbase on TikTok where she has 105,000 followers.

In a recent video Isabell McGuire shared online, she showed off her moves on a worksite.

As she danced to the seductive song ‘Smack That’ by Akon, the sparky took off her dirty work hoody.

In the video, Isabell rocked a black long-sleeve crop top underneath that flashed her toned midriff.

She paired this with her black work trousers which were covered in white dust on the legs and her bum.

For safety,Isabell McGuire donned her beige work boots and glammed the outfit up with a gold necklace.

Her natural beauty shone through as she admitted : “No makeup on and hair week old from hairdressers”.

The video went viral and amassed over 400k views on TikTok.

The video got her many comments and even got her fair share of proposals.

Watch the video below:


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