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Kanye West calls Piers Morgan ‘Boy’ then says he empathizes with the straight White male & believes he suffers from exhaustion not mental illness

Kanye West has done another interview, this time on Piers Morgan’s self-titled ‘Uncensored’ show. During Ye’s sit-down he talks about being banned from social media after his anti-Semitic tweet.

He also talks about the death of George Floyd and his ‘Drink Champs’ comments. Plus, his family life and ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

However, three clips from the interview have gone viral. The first is Ye repeatedly calling Piers Morgan “boy.”

The second clip is in regards to Ye’s views on his mental health, and the third is about Ye feeling empathetic towards the “straight white male.” Regarding the his mental health, Ye tells Piers Morgan that he has had “mental health allegations,” but doesn’t believe he has any form of mental illness.

He says, “I believe I suffered from exhaustion; from being lied to constantly by the people around — and I believe those things can drive anyone to a point of maximum exhaustion.” Regarding his empathy for “straight white males,” Ye later says, “There’s nobody that gets judged more than a straight white male. The straight while male has the least amount of a platform to even speak.”

Watch the video below:


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