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Kanye West makes bizzare conspiracy theory that gap knew about Rob Elementary School shooting before it happened

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Kanye West’s interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News last week certainly made a lot of headlines, though one of the most startling claims many appeared to have overlooked were the rapper’s comments concerning the deadly Robb Elementary School shooting in May. As previously reported, 19 children and two teachers were killed in the senseless attack by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, who shot his grandmother just minutes before arriving to the institution in Uvalde, Texas.

During his chat with Carlson, however, West said he strongly believed that a group of people at GAP had prior knowledge that the massacre would take place before it even occurred, claiming that after the tragic events were reported on the radio, he felt as if he was on “The Truman Show,” referring to the 1998 flick, which is centered around a a man whose life is a nonstop TV show. “I felt like the people at the Gap knew about the school shooting that Matthew McConaughey was talking about before it even happened,” he said.

“It was so in-synced, the information. And then I heard about it on the radio, driving. And I was like, ‘Am I in The Truman Show right now?’” He clarified that he wasn’t saying they were responsible for the attack; instead, West expressed that “the idea of this media rush over the 78 specific outlets that influence…” before coming to an abrupt pause. When asked whether there was a “coordinated message” in place for the shooting, West agreed with the comment.


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