Lady almost commits suicide amid pregnancy after taking abortion herbs given to her by baby daddy

Single mother, Esther Asare has disclosed that she wouldn’t be alive today had it not been for a passerby who stopped her from committing suicide while pregnant.

In a revealing interview conducted by DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Esther stated that suicide was her only resort after her baby daddy deceived and rejected her second pregnancy. According to her, her baby daddy gave her herbal medicine to abort the seven-month-old pregnancy.

“I gave birth to my firstborn at 15 years. I had to opt for a boyfriend because my aunt maltreated me so I listened to a piece of advice from a friend to find a man to cater for me.

We stayed together after the first child and git pregnant again but he rejected it and even lied that the herbal medicine would help the pregnancy but it was for abortion,” she said.

Eventually, Esther’s baby daddy accepted it and moved in with him. However, a year after the baby was born, he “threw me out of his house. He would beat me over an argument but I never reported him because I had no one else to cater for my children.”

Esther further stated that her baby daddy more lived with a woman in Kumasi. Currently, she lives in a kiosk with both children.

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