Lady cries out for help, narrates how she was thrown out with her mother from family house of 30 years

A young lady has solicited the help of well-meaning Nigerians following her family’s eviction from their house in Abuja.

The lady revealed that police officers and a lawyer stormed their home early in the morning with thugs and threw out all their properties from the house they have been living in for 30 years, without any prior notice.

The distraught lady known as Smàłłíè @Maamamiaa on Twitter, shared photos of their properties outside while appealing to activists, police and lawyers to come to her family’s aid.

He wrote; ”Hello Nigeria!! I have never been this distraught my entire life, waking up in the morning to be ambushed by thugs, police men and a self acclaimed lawyer to put us out of our property of 30 years. No prior notification, nothing.

While the lawyer refused to tender legal court ruling for possession of the property, this is a copy of what was pasted on the gate just this morning on their arrival. We asked them to wait while our lawyers get to the house but they refused.

If we even have to make a case or write to, this people are fishy and have forcefully taken an action without proper legal backing.

Please we need all the necessary help we can get, my mum is on the verge of passing out, she has a high blood pressure, it wouldn’t be worth anything to loose her because this is too much for her bear.”


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