Lady reveals how the two men she dated died in strange ways

Stella has confessed on dating two boyfriends and they all died and she felt as if she was cursed. She claims she feared getting herself into a serious relationship.

She met her first boyfriend while she was in high school and they dated for six months online. Stella had met her first boyfriend on social media and she met him after six months.

She claims her boyfriend was the best. One day they met but he was not doing fine. She claims he complained of headache and they thought it was just a normal headache and they parted ways and that was the last time he set his eyes on him.

The next morning she received a call that her boyfriend had succumbed to meningitis. She was soo depressed and since she was not known in the family she was unable to attend his burial.

After one year she met another man and this time they dated for four years and she had already moved in with him. She claims that she started complaining of stomach ache and after tests were done on him, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

This was the worst moment for her and she claims she got into depression and sometimes she could blame herself for the deaths of her two boyfriends.

Stella met a guy who could understand her and whatever she was going through. They are still dating and it’s been two years since they met and she is soo happy because she was able to overcome everything.


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