3-year-old girl spends 11 days in the forest full of wolves and bears after she secretly followed her father to the forest

A  3-year-old girl miraculously survived after spending 11 days in the forest.

The little girl identified as Karina Chikitova spent 11 days in the Siberan Taiga full of wolves and bears and her only support was her pup Nadia(dog).

During her frosty nights, her pooch slept close, saving Karina from freezing.

Karina Chikitova got lost after she secretly followed her father deep into the forest.

She ate berries and drank water from a small river nearby to survive.

After her father returned home without his daughter. Her parents immediately called the police and they commenced a search.

After 9 day,got lost and her pup Naia returned to look for help.

Rescuers led by a determined dog tracked Karina’s footprints for 2 days and found Karina sitting in a small grassy hole.

She looked hungry,exhausted and covered in mosquitoes bite but not scared at all.

Karina later made a full recovery.

To celebrate this brave little girl and her hero hound local authorities put up a bronze statue of them beside Yakutsk Airport.


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