Man demands partner sleep naked and people think it’s a major red flag

On Mumsnet, an online parenting forum, a person anonymously posted seeking advice because their partner seemed to have an unreasonable demand: they must sleep naked.

The person, using the name “WhyIstheSkyBlu” posted explaining they had been with their partner for eight years. “He has always slept naked and wanted me to do the same. He says it makes couples closer and he really feels uncomfortable lying next to me when he’s naked and I have pjs on,” the person wrote.

The user explained that sometimes in the winter they want to wear pajamas but when they do, their partner will wear pajamas but opt to sleep with their 3-year-old son. “He says he needs to cuddle up to someone, it’s important to him and he can’t cuddle up to me when I have pjs on. Is he being unreasonable?”

Users flocked to the comments to call out the partner’s behavior. The post received 306 comments, all of which indicated that the user was not crazy and the partner’s behavior was manipulative which was a big red flag.

“Of course he is being unreasonable. And weird. He’s being weird.” Another said.

“It isn’t weird. It’s abusive. Expecting to tell you what to do, punishing you if you don’t and using a child to [fulfill] his emotional needs. If this is true, I would be worried.” A Mumsnet user said.

“WhyIsTheSkyBlu” came back to explain their partner was not verbally or physically abusive but he often made them feel like they had done something wrong.

Commenters encouraged the user to leave their manipulative partner or seek a safer living situation for the time being.


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