Mississipi Capital struggling to find sustainable water for its citizens after floodwaters affect vital water plant in the city leaving thousands of people without water to bathe,cook and flush toilets

Citizens of Jackson, Mississippi are in dire need of help after an untreated water problem has forced citizens to not have sustainable water for daily necessities.

The state’s governor, Tate Reeves, has issued a state of emergency for Jackson after flood waters heavily affected a main water plant in the city, causing citizens to be without water for days and weeks to come.

Jackson, which is the capital of the state and home to over 180,000 people, has been experiencing untreated water issues for years before it reached its breaking point. A few days ago, the city experienced heavy rain which caused severe flooding due to a local river overflowing. This caused one of the main water plants to not operate at full capacity. Jackson’s main water treatment facility began failing Monday, according to Gov. Tate Reeves. This means there isn’t enough water to properly be distributed to citizens for them to bathe, cook, or flush toilets.

The city, which is 80% black, has been under a boil water alert since July. Because of the crisis, schools have begun virtual learning and the mayor, Chokwe Lumumba, has asked all citizens who can leave to leave. People across the city and state have rallied together to provide bottled water for the people of the community, but with the time being indefinite for when the situation will be completely handled, citizens are afraid of the future.

“It’s not OK,” Jackson resident Lynn Jones told CNN. “You know, we need to do something about it because we do pay taxes and we expect that the system will work.”

President Biden stepped in and approved Mississippi’s emergency declaration. The National Guard was called up to help distribute bottled water as crews worked to get the water treatment plant back online, state officials said. There is no set time when the citizens will have water.

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