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Mother of 3 claims the father of her children planted hidden camera in shower,watching their 16-year-old bath

Mother of 3 has social media on edge after uploading multiple videos on TikTok showing what the father of her children did at their home.

For those wondering how she found out: The father admitted 2 months ago on the phone with Detectives on line that he installed the camera in the bathroom. was occupied so she used her daughters.

The mother noticed the light wasn’t working. She looked up to check for the bulb size with a flashlight and then saw a lens.

She stated that she left her home with her kids and called the police when she discovered what happened. She didn’t feel safe.

She didn’t confront him immediately about the camera because she didn’t know the lengths he’d go to cover it up. She waited until her kids and her were safe to make the call to him.

Watch the video below:


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