My girlfriend lied about going for a job interview to visit another man-Man sadly narrates

My girlfriend lied about going for a job interview to visit another man-Man sadly narrates

A man has narrated how his girlfriend lied to him about going for a job interview only to visit another man.

Read the man’s full narration he shared on Facebook group ‘Tell it all’ below:

“Last 2 months, my “woman to be” Awurama told me she was going for a job interview. I was very happy hearing that because it’s been about 1 year now since she completed her national service.

I was home on that fateful day cos I wasn’t feeling too well. Around 5pm, a strange number called me whilst busily preparing some chicken gravy recipe and Apem ampesie.

Am the type of guy who hardly answers calls from strange numbers lest alone calls back when missed. This number called for about 4 times within 10 minutes. I said to myself “this call might be an emergency or a very important one”. Whiles talking to myself, the 5 call came.

I hurriedly answered this time, and it was a man. He mentioned my name Nana, I responded and asked whom I was talking to ? He introduced himself as Makwekwe and Awurama’s boyfriend, “I caught her sneaking around to answer your phone calls when she came to visit me, so I took your number from her phone. What’s your relationship with her?” I told him that, I was Awurama’s boyfriend whom she’s staying with, also taking care of her younger brother (since their father died about 1 year now) who’s currently at the university and again getting ready to marry her as soon as possible.

This guy Makwekwe thanked me and ended the conversation. I asked myself ” why would Awurama do this to me upon all that am doing for her and the brother”? So many things started coming into my mind. Initially, I planned packing her belongings but upon a second thought, decided to wait for her to come home and interrogate her. She got home around 6:30pm claiming she was the last person for the days interview and again there was traffic on the road. I said sorry going through that stress. She changed and went to the washroom to bath. I then took her phone to see if indeed she new the guy and also find out how frequent they’ve been talking or chatting.

Luck eluded her this time, she had saved the name “LOVE” just to confuse me as her female friend whom I know. I noticed they have been chatting almost everyday too. I asked her who that “Love” was after serving her dinner and she said her female friend. I told her it’s even a long time since “Love” visited her or there was an issue between them. She said naa! I told her to call so I find out if what she’s saying is the truth. Awurama said “Love” was sick and currently at her mum’s place so it was late calling at that time. We agreed on calling the next day.

The next day, I came back from work early and told Awurama to let’s call “Love” and if possible pay her a visit. She started giving me some excuses that her phone fell from a height and she cannot hear when someone calls so she has switched it off. I said okay! I have “Loves” number so am calling myself.

She checked the number and said she’s no more using that number. I insisted on calling the number and she started crying. Nobody answered the call after calling twice. She’s now begging me it’s not her friend that I know but someone who’s pressuring her with friendship. I really love her but I don’t think I can trust her again. Pls I need an advice. Thanks”

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