My husband called me selfish and childish because I refused to have a intimate relationship with his boss and wife – Desperate woman cries for help

A desperate and devastated married woman has taken to Facebook to beg for help after her husband called her childish and selfish.

According to the woman her husband called her selfish and childish just because she refused to participate in an immoral act with his boss and his wife.

She said, her boss and his wife practice open marriage so his boss and the wife invited them to their house but she couldn’t bring herself to do that act so she left.

She said, ever since she refused to do that, her husband has been mean to her because according to the husband if they do that it will help him get a higher position in his boss company.

Below is her post,



Greetings Yummy Shaida, Please hide my identity. My husband and I had a loving relationship till I visited him ones in his office. He introduced me to his boss and that was how my troubles begun. My husband’s boss and his wife practice what they call open marriage and wanted us to be their guest couple. I instantly refused it but my husband claimed it would help him get a higher position in his bosses campany so we tried it. But I couldn’t go through with it and so I just left. My husband came screaming that I was so selfish and that I was ruining his opportunity. I really couldn’t tell any one because this is an abomination. This is brought so much tension in my home. Hubby is being so mean to me, saying I was childish and selfish. Yummies things have been tough but I am not willing to bend my morals for anything. I don’t want to loose my husband, I know he still hangs out with them.. I feel they will find another way to achieve their goal. His bosses wife called claiming it was completely harmless but life changing. They keep sending me gifts to see if I will change my mind but any time I try to return the gift my husband will fight me. I really don’t want to do this Yummy Shaida, Yummies please what should I do. Please advise me.


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