My side guy is threatening to send our nudes to my husband if I don’t go back to him after I broke up him – Shameless woman seeks advice

A married woman who has been cheating on her husband took to popular Facebook group ‘tell it moms’ to seek advice after her side guy threatened to send their nudes to her husband for breaking up with him.

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Yummy Shaida Please hide my identity, what am about to say is sensitive so please withhold all judgment. I cheated, still cheating now remember no judgement. My husband isn’t innocent he has his own side bae I have mine. We all stay in our lane. Now the problem is my side guy is so in love he always wants us to be together. He keeps telling me to divorce my husband so we can be together full time. I don’t want to do that . I am just having fun with him. I am always home by six and reserve extra curriculums to limited time slot. I am still a mother and a wife just having a little fun. Plus he knows this. Now last weekend, as soon as I got to his apartment he hid my phone after sending a message to hubby (pretending he was me) that I had a family emergency so I will be away till Sunday. Yummies this guy looked me indoors till I started getting physically aggressive. My husband too started calling my family members enquiring about me and my well-being since my phone was off. Everyone was worried. Decided to just break us with this side guy because of all this complications. The issue is , he has nudes of us and is threatening to tell my husband if I don’t take him back. Yummies, I don’t know if I should go to the police but I am scared this whole thing will backfire in my face. Should I go back I am confused please help a yummy.


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