Offinso: Headmaster caught ‘eating’ 15-year-old leaner in his office

A video fast trending on social media has scenes of a headmaster said to have made love to a 15-year-old student in his office at Offinso.

The unknown headmaster locked the door of his office when he laid hands on the 15-year-old girl but things couldn’t go as planned as dwellers had him at the corner to stop him from reaching his orgasm.

From what we have gathered, sleeping with the learners is a good trait of the said headmaster.

However, his stars weren’t unlucky this time around.

Hundreds of Offinso dwellers were seen gathered at the school premises to have a look at the unbearable incident.

When the door was unlocked, the girl first came out with shame drawn all over her body.

The headmaster on the other hand walked like a cat with his eyes fixed straight on the ground out of shame.

Watch the video below;


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