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Phi: ‘I’m judged for having 11 kids to 8 different dads – I don’t care, I have my reasons’

Mums who have children to multiple fathers have often faced a stigma from others – but one mum says she can explain why she’s okay with her situation.

Phi, from Memphis, Tennessee, has given birth to 11 children by eight different men and has gained more than 90,000 likes on TikTok by making videos with her large brood.

However, it hasn’t been easy on her dating life as she claims men always tell her they won’t marry her because of it and she’s fed up having to explain her situation over and over again.

But in one video, which has gained more than 139,000 likes, she revealed why she has so many baby daddies and how she plans to have even more in the future.

Phi said: “‘Let me explain it. If you have one and you take away one, you have zero but if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five.’

”If I only had 1 baby daddy and he leave or die my kids would be fatherless, but if I have 8 and 3 were to leave or die my kids still have 5 dads…”

In the caption, she added: “Like duhhhh yall gotta do the math.”

Phi then responded to confused viewers and joked that she doesn’t plan to stop as she won’t be happy with just 11 children.

She said: “‘I wanna have like another 19, just so I could make it even, 30.”

Phi also explained that she usually finds potential fathers on sites like Craigslist, adding: “But that’s kinda played out now so I usually just like post on Marketplace… or if I see like an empty billboard, I’ll post an add up there. ‘Nothing too extreme, you know.”

But viewers seemed to take a different outlook on her lifestyle and even accused her of getting pregnant deliberately so she could live off the state.

Watch the video below:


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