Say thank you when your man lasts 7 minutes during s3x-Medical expert to women

A medical doctor, Dr Richard Eghan, has asked Ghanaian women to say thank you to their men if they are able to last or seven minutes in bed.

According to him, the tendency of saying men are not good because they cannot last for 30 to 40 minutes in bed should stop. Because the man who lasts for thirty minutes is not natural but will be taking drugs on the woman’s blindside.

He made this known when he addressed issues on erectile dysfunction in men. Dr Richard Eghan said “our sisters must know these things when you are sleeping with your guy and it takes about 7 minutes please just say thank you. You shouldn’t tell these guys oh I’m sorry you are not good enough, my former boyfriend was much better, he can go about thirty minutes. That guy who was doing that 30 minutes was actually deceiving you and he may be taking certain things, most men take certain things that they hide from the women. He may be taking drugs”.

Dr Richard Eghan advised against the intake of marijuana and other aphrodisiacs for sexual purposes because in the long term, it can have an adverse effect on the user. He called on men who have erectile dysfunction to seek help in order to know what is wrong with them and find a solution to it.


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