Security escorts fire gunshots as youth chases MP with stones and sticks during visit – Video

A video that has surfaced on social media shows the moment youth in Niger state in Nigeria chased away an alleged Parliamentarian member from the state.

The lawmaker, Shehu Saleh, who represents Magama/Rijau Local Government in the green chamber, was said to have paid a visit to his constituency to commiserate with victims of bandit attacks but they were displeased with him.

A group of young men who wielded sticks and stones could be seen chasing a convoy believed to belong to the lawmaker and the security escorts fired some gunshots to scare them away but it further aggravated them.

They pelted stones at the vehicles which speedily zoomed off. While the chase ensued, they could be heard screaming ‘Bama Yi’ meaning ‘Never again’.

Watch the video below:


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