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Server attempts to fight Youtubers “Itss Twins’ for refusing to pay for food because it was the wrong order

Popular YouTubers, The “Itss Twins” got into a bit of a boil at a seafood restaurant! It all started after a server brought the wrong order to the table.

Apparently, the wrong type of shrimp was used in the crawfish boil. Although the order wasn’t correct, one of sister’s did nibble at the shrimp a little, assuming that the kitchen was just going to discard of it anyways.

Chile, that went completely left! The server stated that the twin did have to pay for the food, but she refused. “I’m not paying for two orders of shrimp, f*** that!,” she could be heard saying.

The server then stated that was fine, but they were going to take the plate away to remove the shrimp and bring it back. The twin then stated if that was the case, she wanted an entire new order because her crawfish would be get cold and it’s unsanitary to pick through someone’s food.

After telling the server to use her “little fingers” to pick the shrimp out, the server turned all the way up. “One thing about me b****” she could be heard screaming before the camera fell. Based on the commentary, it appears the server attempted to fight the twin.

The twin stated that she and her sister were going to jump the server for trying it. Thoughts? **We do not condone bullying or violence”

Watch the video below:


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