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Should i approach her? Man asks after alleged nudes of her girlfriend he just got engaged to were sent to him

He wrote,

We’ve been engaged no longer that a week and together for 3 1/2 years.

The day after we came back from out 2 week vacation, I received these images from a random account with no name and said that since she is now my fiancee I should know what she’s been up to and have not heard anything else from the account.

My issue is that my fiancee is very private, doesn’t like me to be on her phone and changed her password when i found out her old one. We are both late 20’s so there’s no digging through phone’s so it’s odd that she’d do that but this was last year.

Anyways, the photo from behind shows her body type and her hairstyle before she dyed it for our holiday. She’s not similar to other girls so straight away i was like it must be her as her body type is very rare if that makes sense, then coupled with the hair dyed the way it was I’m almost certain that it’s her. The other photo is a still from the 7 second video and although both are bad quality her face seems to be very similar to her and it’s quite hard to not think about this.

Long story short, every single girlfriend I’ve had has cheated on me so I’m almost numb to this. The annoying thing is that we’ve literally just bought a house and got engaged…. feel like I’ve wasted my time, even though I’ve not mentioned it yet it’s really planted those doubts like what if it is her and I just take her word for it when i show her…. even so how can I approach her with this, in the right way?


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