Should I still go ahead and marry her after I saw this on her phone? – Confused man seeks advice

“So with me being with my girlfriend for a period of over 5 years and her being the mother of my 3 year old baby boy.I onetime last month reached to a point where i felt like it was time to take things to the next level between me and her and propose her for marriage.

So with her being a good lady for me over the years I wanted to organize a surprise party for her where I will do the proposal in front of family and friends.But then I realized that organizing something like that will be too much for me to organize I needed a 2nd person to help bring it together before 17 August (her birthday).

So I decided to ask her friend Lebo to be the one who will help me make it happen. So one-time I reached for her phone with the intention of taking the friends numbers in order to contact and ask for her help, but something told me to check their recent chats when I did”man this is what I came across.

Read the chats below.





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