Singer Asake Storms Stage In Atlanta With Stubborn Goat

Singer Asake Storms Stage In Atlanta With Stubborn Goat

Nigerian singer, Asake has been on tour in the US but during his show in Atlanta, he decided to do something very different and interesting.

The Sungba crooker pulled up on stage with a goat and it got the whole crowd cheering but unfortunately, the goat was not cooperative.

The goat was very stubborn and wouldn’t move and it obviously ruined the concept the singer may have had in mind.

The situation was funny however and netizens took to the comments to express themselves.

The comments read:

Viktornjoku: “Hope the real herder is around the corner, incase it decides to go berserk, Travis Scott never settle him own law suits finish.”

Kaylaogy: “he should Sha be careful cos those people don’t joke with their animals over there.”

Watch the video below:


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