She saw my small d!ck and thought it was a cigarette – Man narrates how he felt embarrassed for the first time after his girlfriend saw his n@kedness

A Ghanaian man who has pleaded to be kept anonymous has taken to social media to seek help after he felt disgraced over a comment his girlfriend passed about his dick.

According to the man, he has a small dick and that has been his headache over the years and as a result of that, he has always wanted to prevent his girlfriend from seeing it because he might be dumped.

One fine night, the man said he summoned courage and called his girlfriend to his house, turned off his light and naked himself.

The man said he sat on his bed and drew his girlfriend’s hand closer to his dick so that she will feel it.

To his utter surprise, he said after his girlfriend has touched his dick and felt it was too small, she likened his dick to a stick of cigarette and said she does not smoke.

The man said he felt embarrassed and now he needs an antidote to his problem.

Read his post below;



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