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Social media users slam influencer for complaining that making money as a creator is ‘difficult

Social media users slam influencer for complaining that making money as a creator is ‘difficult

A social media influencer has come under fire for complaining about their job on TikTok.

TikToker Danisha Carter (@danisha.carter) has received similar backlash for a response to another creator in which she complained about the difficulties of her job.

Carter stitched fellow creator @unfriendliestblackhottie’s video where he claims he was blocked by an influencer for telling a viewer the brand of a hat in the influencer’s video. In her response video, Carter says she would have blocked him, too, for leaving the comment.

“I would have blocked you too,” Carter says in the video. “Well, I probably would have just deleted the comment, but I understand why the poster is mad.”

Carter explains the reason the influencer opted to withhold the brand’s name in the video but instead direct viewers to the link in her bio to purchase the product boiled down to making money.

“Making money as a creator is incredibly difficult to do, and the creators that you see living a luxurious lifestyle, I guarantee you it isn’t off of a TikTok check,” Carter says in her video. “It’s from multiple streams of creative money. The combination of several monetized platforms.”

“You’re watching TikTok and getting style tips, aesthetic tips, food and cooking tips, comedy, music—For some of you, a personality—for free,” Carter says. “You’re not being asked to tip, and you’re not paying a monthly fee.”

She argues that when creators post things that viewers then want to buy because they saw it and are then rerouted to a link, influencers get tangible credit for doing so.

“…in a way that costs you zero dollars and arguably is helping you because it’s a direct link to the product and you go out of your way to circumvent that or undercut it, and then post a video about it encouraging people to go bother her when she didn’t do anything wrong, it’s giving hater,” she concludes.

Watch the video below:



♬ original sound – DANISHA CARTER

However, Carter’s take didn’t quite land with some of her audience, who shared simple takes like, “this isn’t it.”

“All he did was tell someone the answer to their question,” one commenter wrote.

“Great example that (influencers) will always be slightly out of touch,” another viewer said.

One viewer commented, “It really isn’t that big of an issue for someone to comment the name of the brand though.”

Another user, Jessie (@genericjess420,) stitched the video and criticized Carter’s take. In a text overlay on her own video, Jessie writes, “girl go make an argument that matters. 8-5 is difficult. I don’t feel bad for a single person making money on a fucking app.”


#stitch with @danisha.carter you are just as out of touch and targeting people who don’t deserve it. Pls

♬ original sound – Jessie poo

She continues in the video’s caption, “You are just as out of touch and targeting people who don’t deserve it. Please.”

Commenters on Jessie’s video also found Carter’s take to be out-of-touch.

“Why is every creator suddenly becoming so disconnected from reality,” one commenter wrote.

“Yeah I like Danisha but many of her takes lately haven’t been it,” another viewer said. “It’s wild to watch these creators become so out of touch in real time.”

“I think influencers are forgetting that their audience is what brings them an income and that they shouldn’t be so backhanded to them,” another said.


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