Stop using perfumes on your bodies, it is against the will of Christ – Evangelist warns Christians

An unknown female preacher has sparked reactions on social media after she kicked against the use of perfume.

The preacher in a short video making rounds online vehemently warned against the use of sweet-smelling substances on the body while stating that Jesus said believers should stop it.

Driving her point home, she backed her claim with a portion of the bible, Isaiah 3 verse 24, as she affirmed that on the last day, people who use perfumes will be burning and stinking like a gutter.

In her words, she said;

Those of you putting perfume, Jesus said you should stop putting perfume on your body. On the last day in Isaiah 3 verse 24 instead of a sweet smell, you’ll be burning and you’ll be stinking, you’ll be smelling like a gutter.”


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