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Teen jumps out of a moving Lyft vehicle after driver sprayed something in the car that made her feel dizzy

A teenager in North Carolina was hospitalized after she says she jumped out of a moving Lyft vehicle last week when getting a ride home from work, adding that she was “scared” by the driver, according to reports.

Eziya Bowden, 17, says she was “scared” by the driver of the ride-share service after he allegedly made comments about her appearance, People reported.

She said she blacked out after she opened the car door as the vehicle was in motion, and only remembers where she landed on the ground, she told ABC 11.

Bowden, who is back home from the hospital recovering from her injuries, told ABC 11 the driver was making flirtatious comments to her and sprayed something that made her feel different after, telling the local news out that she felt dizzy and warm.

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