Buffalo shooting: Ten dead in mass shooting at supermarket as teenage suspect is arrested

Ten people have died following a “multiple shooting” at a supermarket in the US.

The gunman opened fire on shoppers at a Tops Market supermarket in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday, killing multiple people and injuring others.

The suspect reportedly filmed the killings on live-streaming platform, Twitch.

Cops were called to the store early Saturday afternoon and found bodies of the victims, according to reports.

The death toll is yet to be confirmed but law enforcement sources reported at least eight people were shot dead, according to NBC New York.

A police officer told Buffalo News the death toll had risen to 10 – with one of the victims thought to be a recently retired cop working at the store as a security guard.

Officials and police sources reported that three people were injured, including two who were admitted to hospital in critical condition.

An officer at the scene told the local outlet: “It’s like walking onto a horror movie, but everything is real.”

“It is armageddon-like. It’s so overwhelming.”

Many of the victims were shot in the head, and at least two bodies were seen laying outside the store, BNONews reports.

A clip of the shooting spree and the gunman’s subsequent arrest was uploaded on Facebook – and shows a man in military fatigues armed with a semi-automatic rifle being hauled off into custody.

In one horrific screenshot, a woman is seen at the moment a bullet makes impact with her head as she walks outside the supermarket.

In a 106-page manifesto seen by The Mirror, the alleged gunman detailed his motivation behind the attack.

The document is a lengthy treatise about his belief in a conspiracy theory that white people are being replaced by other races.

In the document he describes himself as a white supremacist and anti-Semite.

“If there’s one thing I want you to get from these writings, it’s that White birth rates must change. Everyday the White population becomes fewer in number,” the document says.

“To maintain a population the people must achieve a birth rate that reaches replacement fertility levels, in the western world that is about 2.06 births per woman.”

One Tops Market worker told The Buffalo News he was filling shelves when he heard shots ringing out inside the store.

The man – who gave his name as Will G – said he was filling shelves in the dairy section at the time.

“It was a situation where everyone was running out,” he said

“I just heard shots. Shots and shots and shots,” he said. “It sounded like things were falling over.”

Will said he ran into a walk-in fridge, where he and a number of other employees hig.

“I hid. I just hid. I wasn’t going to leave that room,” he said.

He managed to escape to safety after running out of the building with other employees.

The Buffalo Police Department confirmed on Twitter that multiple people have been shot, but didn’t specify how many or the extent of their injuries.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said on Twitter that she was monitoring the shooting.

Gov Hochul said: “I am closely monitoring the shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo.

“We have offered assistance to local officials. If you are in Buffalo, please avoid the area and follow guidance from law enforcement and local officials.”

A shop worker told Buffalo News he was filling shelves in the dairy section fo the store when he heard shots


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