Shocking as thieves fall asleep instantly after stealing from old woman’s house – Video

Two thieves have met an unfavorable fate in South Africa after they fell asleep during a night operation at an elderly woman’s house.

They were reportedly caught sleeping outside the granny’s house in Hamanskraal, Pretoria, South Africa, moments after they had just robbed her home.

Photos and videos circulating on social media show the thieves sleeping soundly while the old woman and other neighbors gathered around them.

We are told that the reason they fell asleep is because of a special fortification charm known as muthi, which the woman used on her house.

A South African Twitter user said; ”This muthi is called “Nyangomba” in my culture, even when doors are open the thieves can’t find way to go out, until they fall asleep. This muthi can make a thug to unmove when gets inside your yard.”


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