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Ugandan paratroopers miss target, crash lands on spectators during Independence Day celebration

An embarrassing moment was recorded at the 60th Independence Day celebration in Uganda.

Videos shared online after the celebration at Kololo Independence Grounds on October 9, showed the Ugandan paratroopers missed their targets and fell on spectators at the stadium.

Multirole fighter jets, paratroopers and commandos were part of the drills on display as Uganda showed off its military might. It however snowballed into a full-blown embarrassment for President Museveni.

Military choppers dropped paratroopers at intervals, who had to land on the stadium’s pitch.

One serviceman was descending with a parachute, and he looked perfectly poised to land on the pitch. All of a sudden, the parachute folded slightly and yanked the soldier, disturbing his hold on it.

He lost control of the speeding glider, and it plunged into the drum majorettes who were matching on the track.

A second soldier who was in mid-air also lost control of his parachute, and it flew directly onto the mobile toilets in the stadium.

Two more hapless paratroopers failed to master their glides, and they mowed into the spectators on the terraces.

Watch the video below:


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