Viral video: Pianist plays ‘What A Wonderful World’ outside Lviv Railway Station swarming with refugees in Ukraine

More than 13 lakh people have fled Ukraine which is barely standing on its feet, ravaged by an unceasing Russian attack from the sky and land. Even as the country faces the bleakest of crises, heartwarming and heartbreaking videos of the defiant Ukrainian spirit have emerged since it was first invaded by Putin’s forces.


One such viral video is a ‘hauntingly beautiful’ scene featuring a pianist playing Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World right outside the Lviv railway station as it swarms with refugees running for their lives.


The viral video was shared to Twitter by Reuters’ special correspondent Andrew RC Marshall.


“Outside Lviv station, which is thronging with exhausted refugees fleeing war in eastern Ukraine, an accomplished pianist is playing ‘What a Wonderful World.’ It’s hauntingly beautiful,” read the tweet.


Lviv is a western-Ukrainian city around 70 kilometres away from the Polish border. Refugees fleeing the war zones in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities are all converging on the city that has been relatively spared of military attacks.


It is serving as a pit stop for thousands heading further west to Poland for refuge. Lviv has also been facilitating the administration and the transport of ammunition and medicines.


It was against this backdrop that the grey-jacket and white-beanie-clad pianist played the 1967 classic. What a Wonderful World was intended as a single to spread its optimistic cheer amid racial and political unrest in the 1960s in America.


It fell through the cracks in the United States because of a lack of promotion and was, ironically, embraced by Europe.


Watch the video below:




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