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Walmart work goes off on manager for wrongfully firing her

A TikToker by the name of Alayna (@diaryofawimpyalayna) uploaded footage of her last day of work at Walmart after she was fired. In a text overlay for the now-viral clip she writes, “pov: walmart wrongfully fired you.”

The clip begins with a video screengrab of a recording from someone informing Alayna that she was “terminated.”

The video then cuts to the TikToker knocking on someone’s door with her arms crossed, and then straight to her pulling jeans off of shelves and onto the floors.

The video ends with a close-up of Alayna’s face as she shouts out into the store, “Fuck you, Lisa!”

In the comments section of the post, Alayna explained why she decided to wreck the shelves of jeans. She said her manager waited to fire her until after she arranged all of the clothes to break the bad news. “Worked on that jean wall for over 3 hours for her to fire me as soon as i was done, so she can work on it now,” she wrote.

Alayna has yet to clarify as of Wednesday why she believes she was wrongfully terminated from her position at Walmart. However, plenty of commenters expressed sympathy with the TikToker.

“This is the third video today that I’ve seen someone fired from Walmart what is going on there omg,” one user wrote.

“AS YOU FREAKING SHOULD!!! I would’ve knocked that whole jean wall down hahahaha,” another claimed.

Watch the video below:


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