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Woman exposes man he met on Hinge who robbed her after inviting him into her home

A woman has taken to TikTok to expose a man she met on Hinge dating app.

In a video sighted by, the woman is seen crying regrettably as she said she was robbed by a man she trusted.

The woman identified on TikTok as Natalia (@simp4utho1)said before this they had known each other for about 12 days.

She then said, “I know I’m a fool to invite a man I didn’t know into my house.” The woman admitted that there were many red flag, which are recognized in Spanish as “red flags”, signs that indicate that the person cannot be trusted. “there were many” red flag That I can’t even count them,” she says, but notes that the man was very affectionate and says she was “very trustworthy and very kind.”

The woman tearfully concluded that the man had stolen her.

According to the story, the man would have taken something from her house without her notice. He then tried to trace her through different means, direct messages on Instagram, Facetime, by native application, by different alternate phone numbers but by no means got any response. In the end, the woman concludes that she believes the relationship is over.

The woman warned that the man was in Dallas, a city in Texas in the United States. The woman shows images of the young man to prevent other people from falling into the same trap, describes very well how she looks and has tattoos on her neck and one arm. He then goes straight to the profile he has on the social network where they met on Hinge, and warns women who see him not to “mess with him”.

Following the complaint, other social networks such as Twitter criticized the user, saying that the photos he showed to identify himself were evidence that the man was untrustworthy.

One Twitter user said, “People in the comments said her photos were a dead gift,” later adding, “Out of all the men out there (on the app) she chose the one who looked like she was stealing ”

Watch the video below:


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