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Woman shares 3 red flags you need to look out for in a potential new boss (Video)

Woman shares 3 red flags you need to look out for in a potential new boss

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing the three red flags you need to watch out for during an interview with a company.

User Robyn Garrett (@courageousleadership) is the CEO of a company called Beamably and posts business-related content and advice. In the clip, Garrett shares with her 58,000 followers the signs of red flags during an interview with a prospective new boss.

“Number one is if they’re late,” Garrett says. According to Garrett, if the boss is late and flustered, this is a sign that “you’re walking into a chaotic environment.”

The second red flag is “if there’s no back and forth in the conversation.” Garrett elaborates on this, how in the past, job interviews were equivalent to an “interrogation” and if it feels that way, that it’s a sign of unequal partnership.

The third sign is if the interviewer “can’t give clear succinct answers.” Garrett explains how the interviewer should know, “exactly what they’re looking for” and “exactly what success looks like.” However, if they don’t, “they haven’t done enough planning for this role” and that means “you’re walking into a trap.”

Garrett advises viewers, writing in the caption, “If you see these, beware.”

Watch the video below:


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