Woman who couldn’t afford to put her grandmother in nursing home drowned her in sink and turned herself in

A woman walked to jail and turned herself in after drowning her 93-year-old grandmother in the sink, Ohio authorities said.

The 35-year-old granddaughter showed up at the Preble County Jail just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 15, saying she wanted to be committed to jail, the Eaton Police Department said in a report.

The granddaughter told Eaton police that, hours before, her 93-year-old grandmother was doing the dishes at the kitchen sink when she came from behind and held her grandmother’s head under the water “until the bubbles stopped.”

The granddaughter dragged her grandmother to the couch, thinking the woman may still be alive, before filling the bathtub with water and putting her in it, she told police.

She held her grandmother under the water in the tub for 15 minutes and then walked to the sheriff’s office and jail, the woman told police. Police said they found the grandmother dead in the bathtub.

When questioned about her motives, the granddaughter told police she “just lost” it and “it’s nothing that (the grandmother) did… She’s a perfect freaking grandma.”

The woman told officers that she was experiencing a lot of stress because her grandmother needed to be in a nursing home but the family could not afford this. She told officers she “felt like she put the dog down.”

The granddaughter was booked into Preble County Jail on a murder charge, but McClatchy News is not naming her as police said formal charges are still pending from the Preble County Prosecutors Office.



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