Woman wires her mouth shut to reportedly lose weight

Woman wires her mouth shut to reportedly lose weight

A South African TikToker documented her weight loss journey by allegedly wiring her mouth shut to prepare for breast reduction surgery.

Aviwe Mazosiwe, who spoke with The Sun, said she lost 26 pounds through intermittent fasting but then made the decision to having slimming wires placed on her teeth. The wires are attached to the teeth to keep the jaw wired shut; she had the operation in June. Her decision has, however, led to a lot of internet discussions regarding various weight loss methods.

When she first started documenting her journey on the app, she admitted that she was still a new user on TikTok. “The harsh comments made me want to shut down the whole thing,” she told the outlet. She lost 31 pounds over the course of seven weeks with the wires in her mouth. Soup, smoothies, and yogurt made up her diet.

“But I decided to keep going because it somehow felt like something I needed to share. Besides, the good comments made up for all the negativity.”

The wires were removed from her mouth after the seven week period but she said she had to wait a day to eat her favorite meal since her jaw had to be redjusted to chewing food once again.

“I get that it’s a bit extreme but it really helped me as I struggled with self-discipline and sticking to ‘clean eating’ over a long period,”

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